Frequently Asked Questions

  What is an Escape Room? 

Real-life room escape games are fun. They're a type of physical adventure game in which people are locked in a room with other participants, or team members, and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit. Successful teams communicate with one another and collaborate to solve puzzles in order to escape. The design of the puzzles promotes communications and teamwork while being exciting and fun. ERBCS is excited to bring the best escape rooms to College Station / Bryan.

Can I give you feedback or can I help? 

Yes! If you have feedback for us please contact us on twitterFacebookInstagram  Google+ or email.  If you liked your experience please rate us on Tripadvisor!

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What are your hours? 

Monday and Tuesday we are available exclusively for private functions. If you would like to have a private event at another time let us know! We are open to the public Wednesday - Sunday! Check availability Follow us twitterFacebookInstagram  for the latest information.

Can I Buy a Gift Voucher for Someone? 

Yes! You may  buy a voucher as a gift which the recipient can redeem for any room.

What forms of payment do you accept? Can I pay when I come in? 

We accept  Visa,  Mastercard,  American Express, and Diners Club. We are not able to accept cash. With prior approval for groups we are able to accept a company or university PO.

Do you participate in profit shares? 

Yes! Please email us for more info.

Are we really locked in a room? 

It depends on your mission. Some rooms are about solving a mystery, others may require you to figure out how to  unlock the door. There is an emergency key and each game is monitored on closed circuit video with a telephone to communicate with the Game Master at anytime.

Do I need a reservation to enjoy the Escape Room experience? 

Yes, a reservation is necessary, but you can book online easily! Just click the 'Book Now' buttons. Escape Room BCS Book Now

I am claustrophobic! Can I get out? 

Every room has either a second door which is unlocked, an emergency release or an emergency key. The key is not used as part of the game - if you had to get out you could  unlock the door. Additionally, each game is monitored on closed circuit video and every room has at least one telephone to communicate with the Game Master at anytime.

We want to reserve more than one room during normal business hours but they start at different times? What can we do? 

If you want to reserve more than one room starting at the same time, private party rates apply. You have to email us to set this one up because we need to block off rooms before and after your booking to ensure there are not others finishing a room when you want to start.

If I only have 2 or 3 people in my group, will we be placed with strangers to fill the timeslot? 

If you reserve fewer than the number of available spaces for the room, there is a good chance you will be placed with other people in a session. But it is such a fun atmosphere, the more the merrier! To ensure a room exclusively to yourselves, you can buy all available spots for that timeslot.

How far in advance should I make reservations? 

We recommend booking as far in advance as possible to ensure your desired date and time are available. We are able to accommodate additional hours for private bookings. To be put on a wait list, email us with a contact number, number in your party, and dates/times.

How long does each event last? 

About one hour and 15 minutes. Please plan to arrive 15-20 minutes before your start time (does not apply to Private Parties)! This is essential. When you arrive you will receive a quick intro to your game. You will be placed in the room and will have one hour to get out. This will leave some time afterwards for fun photos.

What if I am running late? 

Running late will shorten the amount of time that you are able to spend in the room. If you are more than ten minutes late, you will not be permitted to join the rest of the group and will be asked to reschedule.

Do I need to wear anything special? 

No. Dress casually and comfortably. You may have to bend down, get on a knee or squat. If you wear reading glasses bring them with you.

Where is parking for Escape Room BCS? 

We are located in the Woodstone Center in College Station at 907 Harvey Road near The Tap. map We are near The Tap. There is free parking in front and behind our building. There is handicapped accessible parking near the entrance.

Do I need any special prior puzzle solving experience? 

No! Just be willing to search for clues, use your brain and help your team! If your team struggles you can request a clue from the Game Master to get you moving in the right direction.

Do you take walk ins? 

Walk ins are welcome but we cannot guarantee that a room will be available. The best way to ensure that your group will be able to get a room is to use our booking system.

How many people can participate in each room? 

We recommend that at least three people work together in the rooms to enhance the possibility of escaping. The maximum occupancy for each room is typically six to ten people.

What is the age limit?

Children must be at least 13 to participate. Children age 13-15 must be accompanied by parent. Age 16 and up may be in rooms without a parent, however there must be at least one paid adult per room. While children are permitted - our rooms are sometimes difficult even for adults so some children may find the experience too challenging. In our experience age 16 and up enjoy our rooms.

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

The cost for each game is listed on the booking page per person and may be paid using our booking system. Private parties may pay by company check or credit card with prior approval. If you are tax exempt let us know and we will handle it for you.

Am I being filmed?

Yes. There are cameras in every room to monitor your progress and ensure your team is progressing. This is necessary so we can assess your progress in the rooms. Videos are not publicly posted.

Can I get more information on your rooms? 

Yes! Here is a detailed description for our Escape Rooms. You can also find information about difficulty and escape rates on the front page.

Is this effective for Team Building? 

Yes! Please see additional information about the effectiveness of Escape Rooms at team building. Escape Room BCS would be happy to help you arrange an event for your group.

What is the record for my room? How can I set the record? 

When you arrive just ask what the record is for your room. We keep it updated regularly. Records are set only by first time participants to a room. If you've already done a room, even if you failed to escape, you may not return to claim an official record since it affords repeat players an unfair advantage over other players. We post record setters on our social media accounts.