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    ESCAPE ROOM BCS - College Station / Bryan!
    A real life interactive experience where groups of people are “locked”
    in a room together with only sixty minutes to escape!
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    College Station's Finest Puzzle Team
    We are College Station's premier escape games company providing
    fun, rewarding experiences for friends, coworkers, or teams.
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    We do fun & teamwork right!
    Fun and teamwork go hand in hand.
    We bridge the gap between teamwork and fun.


Your team must work together to decipher clues and solve puzzles to escape and win the game.

Problem Solving

We currently have three (five planned) rooms, each with a different theme and unique set of steps that must be solved to succeed. We have new rooms coming and we periodically remodel existing ones so check back with us.


Our escape rooms are designed to create an immersive experience using props, lighting, and sound effects that fully engage you.

We are Escape Room BCS

New - What is an Escape Room? / Frequently Asked Questions

Escape Room BCS of College Station/ Bryan has the best escape games available anywhere.
We have the original escape game from Hungary officially licensed from TRAP!
Come see what started the escape room trend. Rate us on TripAdvisor!
Come have fun with your friends or coworkers and escape together.



We have created engaging escape rooms to keep everyone in your
group involved while solving puzzles to effect your escape.

Modern Technology

Our rooms are furnished with state of the art equipment and technology to make the experience even more engaging.

Anyone Can Play

We cater to individuals, student organizations, and businesses. We are open exclusively for private events on Monday-Tuesday. We are open to the public Wednesday-Sunday. Rooms are generally booked for up to eight people and may be reserved online.

Team Building

We offer a variety of themed rooms perfect for team-building exercises or competitions between teams, coworkers, friends or families.

A fun way to interact with your friends that pushes you to think outside of the box.
Use your creativity to escape!

- Kristina -

Players and Winning Teams

Teams Working Together to Escape!


Classified % Escape


Facility % Escape


Breakout! % Escape


Crypt % Escape

Teamwork Challenge

Improve communication and cooperation. Work together with your team or compete to see who can escape quicker.
We can help you build a strong team that can work together to solve problems. Team building is especially effective for sports teams. Click to read how to maximize your sports teams experience.

Skills Based

Teamwork skills will be pushed to the limit as members work jointly to make decisions on how to move forward with the clues and puzzles in the rooms.

  • Constructive Criticism
  • Resolve Conflict
  • Work With Others
  • Assemble Team Contributions
  • Organize Inputs

Activity Based

Each team will be faced with scenarios that are likely unfamiliar and will have to work together to successfully complete all tasks in the allotted time.

  • Clock Management
  • Coordinate Contributors
  • Challenge Conventional Wisdom

Problem Solving

Team members will overcome barriers keeping them from working together effectively to solve puzzles, find clues and escape.

  • Collaborate
  • Combine Clues
  • Hypothesize
  • Leap Logic
  • Delegate

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